26. April 23

New Band Project – DEMUT

26. April 23

Single Release

DEMUT – Führer der Welt

01. January 23

We wish you a blessed new year.

29. October 22

Did the music and sound design for the horror short film „All my Demons have to die“. Levi Speate is a young and talented film director. Good luck Levi.

02. October 22

ART PIECES – BATIA KLEMPERER – Ceramic Sculpture Artist / Israel

09. August 22

One week filming in Israel for the film „One white Light“ which I`m also producing. I also used the time in this wonderful country to meet some of my good business friends. Thank you for all guys ….

16. June 22

We have to stop climate change!

We are currently working and planning the construction of two large wind farms with my business partners. We need clean energy for the future to heal our planet!

We at Green Solution always strive to find innovative and profitable offshore and onshore solutions for climate protection.

30. Mai 22

Filmming „Soko Potsdam“

24. Mai 22

Happy Birthday to my beautiful wife and best friend ❤ Maya

23. Mai 22

Filmming „Die Therapie“ in Potsdam

21. Mai 22

FC Magdeburg Aufstiegsparty

26. April 22

On the film set of „Der Usedom Krimi“ with Kevin. I played a Mexican gangster. Great team. We had a lot of fun.

23. April 22

I’m in the studio working on new music. It’s always a long process

02. January 22

Created the new commercial for „Kalisyndikat – Klare Synde“

watch here

01. January 22

Created the new commercial / music video „HOT SIN – Lick you“ for „Kalisyndikat – Klare Synde“

watch here

01. January 22


Health, Love and Happiness

30. Dezember 21

Episode 3 „K-K-C 19“ – KRISS DANGER

watch here

29. Dezember 21

Episode 2 „K-K-C 19“ – BLANCO Y NEGRO

watch here

09. December 21


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02. November 21

Got a supporting role in the German movie “ Mal Was Neues“ from Karoline Herfurth. It was a great experience.

09. October 21

Shooting for my documentary „Kunst – Kultur – Covid 19“ with my old friend and guitar player Warthy.

06. September 21

Today I finished the music for seven episodes of the BILD-TV documentary „Unsere Retter – Ärzte im Einsatz“. A total of 94 pieces of music and many sleepless nights – but that’s the job! … I love professional challenges! Thanks to Axel Springer SE and Constantin Entertainment GmbH.

15. August 21

Got a supporting role as a double from one of the leading actors in the Netflix series „YOU“. Thank you guys.

05. August 21

Another supporting role in the German crime movie „Lauchhammer“. It was fun! Thanks for everything.

08. July 21

I’m very grateful for getting the supporting role in „Retribution“. Thanks for the great experience.

06. July 21

My very first supporting role in „John Wick 4“. Amazing … Thanks guys.

05. June 21

Working on my own rock opera.

watch here

01. June 21

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